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Surgical Mask

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VkPaulista 18.07.2019 в 07:12
Without better testing and more research, cloth masks or improvised masks can not be recommended as effective respiratory protective devices or as devices that would prevent exposure to splashes. If you find yourself in a situation where MERS is spreading, there are other strategies. Major health agencies, including the World Health Organization, the CDC, and others, have offered confusing and sometimes contradictory guidelines. Wearing a mask might make people feel better. That's a transmission rate of less than 5 percent.
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Rupp reported being president of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America but no other conflicts of interest. Although the entire benefit can't be attributed to face masks, the results suggest masks may make a difference, MacIntyre said. Regularly disinfect surfaces that are touched often, including doorknobs and faucet handles. After all, MERS has killed about a third of the people known to be infected. It's printed on the side of the box," McLay says.