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And indeed, use of the word "ghetto" in print has been declining since the early '70s. For example, on average blacks pay less than whites for urban housing. The authors suggest and evaluate three different explanations for urban segregation.
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By the '60s and '70s, so-called "negro ghettos" in cities like Chicago, New York and Detroit were central to the cultural conversation about poverty. But whatever the root language, the word's original meaning was clear: "the quarter in a city, chiefly in Italy, to which the Jews were restricted," as the OED puts it. And in , Elvis — in his late-career comeback — took a turn for the mournful with "In the Ghetto. German forces established ghettos in over a thousand cities across Europe. Second, "collective action racism," such as restrictive covenants, racial zoning, policy instruments, and threats of violence which were widespread before , may have played a role in creating segregated urban neighborhoods.